The importance of keeping a medical setting in pristine hygienic conditions is paramount in today's time. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, the definition of clean and bacteria-free has completely changed. Although every facility strives to maintain a clean practice, keeping everything microscopically clean can be a challenge.

Unfortunately, a medical practice treating sick patients is potentially a breeding ground for such pathogens. Hence, it becomes crucial for the cleaning staff to employ commercial-grade disinfectants.

To curtail germs and bacteria, alcohol-based disinfectant wipes, like the Sani Professional Sanitizing Wipes by Elite Medical Accessories are an ideal choice. These disinfectant wipes offer a myriad of advantages outlined below:

    • Quick & Efficient. Disinfectant wipes are popular in various facilities for the biggest benefit, i.e., efficiency. As these are single-use wipes, they eliminate the risk of cross-contamination completely. Moreover, as these are compact, it's quick to use and can efficiently clean any surface without having to use dirty rags, or cleaning sprays, etc.

    • Safe For Patients. As wipes do not contain aerosols like the spray disinfectants, these are safe to use around patients with respiratory conditions. Also, disinfectant wipes do not emit any dust, making them safe to use in pediatric wards as well as nursing homes.

    • Multifunctional. Wipes are multifunctional and also multi-purpose. Disinfectant Wipes can clean difficult-to-reach surfaces by getting into the nooks and crannies. With the absence of any liquid, these are also safe for most types of equipment. Hence, a pack of disinfectant wipes is ideal to be kept handy as it won't take much space while serving its purpose.

    • User-friendly. Coronavirus has raised the demand for disinfectants exponentially. Today, medical facilities cannot suffice with a once a day cleaning routine anymore. Hence, it’s vital to employ methods that are easy enough that the whole staff can lend a hand in maintaining hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. Disinfectant wipes are portable, and easy-to-use. Thus, these can be placed in a compact dispenser on the nurses’ station, computer and medical equipment counters, etc. to wipe down common surfaces frequently during the day.

Evidently, cleaning in today’s times is simply not enough. Hence, to make surfaces and equipment ‘Covid-clean’, disinfectant wipes are a great option for medical facilities.

Elite Medical Accessories is a recognized medical equipment supplier company providing commercial-grade, and FDA-approved disinfectants and sanitizers. We provide a wide variety of medical supplies, including disposable gloves, gowns, PPE kits, sanitizers, and more.