Covid-19 jolted everyone out of their comfortable beliefs of what was passable for ‘good hygiene’. While the world was battling the highly-contagious infection, there was another painful struggle of the frontline workers. Healthcare workers devoted day and night to the service and prevention of this deadly infection, but unfortunately, the gear donned for protection soon became a major cause of distress for many.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a primitive shield of protection that obstructs the transmission of the virus and other infectious bacteria. However, as many organizations mandated the use of PPE kits for the employees for patient care, for example, dentists, therapists, hygienists, ophthalmologists, and other vocations involved in the healthcare industry, problems for the workers soon began. In multiple surveys and news reports, HCWs faced various issues with the all-day-long wear of the restricting PPE kits, including physical and mental exhaustion. Experts have suggested some ways to combat the problems, resolving the issues to a varying degree.

Heavy Sweating and Breathing Difficulties.

Healthcare workers who spend their days in patient wards have to wear multiple layers of protection, including masks, face shields, and respiratory devices. This has led to issues like difficulty in breathing, constant fogging of the shield or glasses, and profuse sweating. While the need to keep the PPE gear on is non-negotiable, employers can make the work shifts easier for the workers by investing in high-quality material that is more breathable, with no compromise on the protection. Moreover, there should be ample break times scheduled between shifts where workers can remove the kit and enjoy a breath of fresh air in a safe, contained area with zero risk of exposure.

Dehydration and Physical Exhaustion.

Among the surveys completed across nations, with a common denominator being employees working in the health and service-based industry, the problem of fatigue, dehydration, and headaches was the second biggest hindrance in a comfortable work routine. Workers claim they have hectic schedules that require them to stay on their feet and tie in their PPE kits all through the shift with hardly any leeway for relaxation. PPE designers point out that the form and function of the equipment used to play a significant role in achieving the comfort level. Hence, Elite Medical Accessories devices only provide the most wearable, feather-light face shields that do not cage the head, rather adapt to your comfort, facilitating an easy work shift. Also, fluid intake is encouraged before donning the PPE equipment to minimize dehydration; besides, timely breaks to relax, rehydrate, and eat nutritious meals should be practiced at the workplace.

Skin Irritation.

HCWs have had to bear the brunt of ungodly pressure and struggle with the side-effects of long-term wear of synthetic materials. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many employees have reported higher incidence of skin problems like acne, pressure marks, and sensitivity to certain equipment materials. Thus, it is always critical to use only the highest-quality industrial-grade protective gear designed by Elite Medical Accessories. Our face masks, sleeves, overalls, etc., are made to last you all day, with minimum discomfort and zero skin sensitivities.

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