Lab coats are considered the formal attire for those working in the field of science. Many reasons support why a person working as a healthcare professional should wear it when he is in the laboratory. 

A few reasons why one should wear a lab coat in the laboratory  

  1. Protection from fire

A good quality lab coat can offer protection against harmful and inflammable substances. As some of them are semi-fire retardants, they prevent the fabric from catching fire. Mostly they are made up of materials that comprise 35% polyester and 65% cotton. This combination of cloth materials makes the lab coats easy to maintain. While you book an order for lab coats from a well-reputed medical distribution company, you can ask their team for their suggestions on the material mix. 

  1. Acts as a protective barrier

They act as a protective barrier against chemicals and radiation in laboratories. If you are a healthcare professional, you might spend a lot of time in the laboratory, where you will be exposed to radiation. They are a protective covering that will ensure that your clothes and body are protected from any chemical spills and splashes that may otherwise occur while you work in the laboratory. 

Healthcare professionals must have lab coats to protect themselves from any accidents or mishaps that are prone to occur while working in the laboratory. If you are running a healthcare setting, you can book an order for high-quality lab coats from the best medical accessories distributor for your workers.  

  1. Reduces the chances of cross-contamination

After completing your work in the laboratory, you can leave your lab coat behind. That means everything from the lab will remain in the lab only. And, there is no chance of carrying any kind of contamination from the laboratory to the outside environment. But you are still at the risk of cross-contamination through your exposed hands and skin. To prevent this, you can consider wearing full lab safety gear and equipment such as coveralls, or PPE kit, etc. These protective clothes can keep your exposed body parts well-covered.  

  1. Keep your regular clothes safe

Lab coats are not only helpful in protecting your skin from being exposed to the harmful chemicals in the laboratories, but they also keep your regular clothes safe and protected from chemical splashes and stains. To ensure your clothes are clean and safe while you work in the laboratory, you can wear a lab coat. 

  1. Covers your arms and sleeves

With a full-sleeve lab coat, you can entirely cover your arms and sleeves. Again, they can prevent your skin from being exposed to the harmful chemicals that are prone to present in laboratories. If you are planning to buy lab coats, make sure you book an order for full-sleeved ones. 

  1. Easy to remove

People are at risk of fire threats while they work in a laboratory. If a lab coat catches fire, you can remove it easily and instantly! As they are simple clothing, one can easily and quickly take them off during an emergency.   

If you are a science professional whose primary work is confined to a laboratory, start wearing lab coats while you are at work! Keep your clothes and body safe and protected!