In our previous post, we shared some practical tips on choosing high-quality PPE Supplies. However, the Covid-19 pandemic's phase has since changed. Here, we discuss what exactly entails a “PPE Kit”? What components are needed for professionals in which field? And much more. So, let’s dive in!

Since the onset of the coronavirus disease, PPE has majorly been associated with the frontline workers, i.e., the healthcare professionals. With the initial nationwide lockdowns, industries, especially the food and services sector, slowed down as people stayed indoors for the majority of 2020. However, two years down the road, as the coronavirus continues to wage its war against human life, the world finds ways to adjust to the “new normal.” Here comes the biggest safety measure we can take – Personal Protective Equipment.


Personal Protective Equipment or PPE has become synonymous with reliable protection against contagious infections raging around. Healthcare professionals like nurses, first-responders, doctors, and lab technicians involved in testing and disease diagnosis are required to put on essentially every piece of the whole gear to safeguard themselves against bacteria and infectious droplets. But what about other professionals who deal with customers up close and personal, just like the healthcare staff? For example, a spa professional’s job requires them to provide services with their bare hands, whereas restaurant staff prepares food and serves their guests in high temperatures. So, what are the essential PPE equipment one should look for that fits all these professionals? The following: 

  1.       Gloves: The initial point of contact is often by hand. Waiters serve the food by hand, aestheticians provide services by hand, and so on. Hence, protecting oneself and others from exchanging germs is to cover one’s hands. Changing gloves in between customers is another critical step to ensure that the bacteria is not transferred from one surface to another. Hence, rubber gloves should be treated as mandatory when ordering PPE supplies for a business. 


  1.       Face Protection: The second most important piece of equipment in personal protection against germs and infections is through face protection. Covid-19, especially, is a respiratory disease that spreads through droplets like sneezing, coughing, etc. Hence, all workers and customers should wear a high-quality face mask that adequately covers the nose and mouth at every commercial facility. Furthermore, a face shield or guard can be adorned for additional protection by professionals working in regions with a high risk of infection. 


  1.       Head Protection: When picturing head protection, this piece of PPE may only make sense for the employees in the food and service industry. However, if you think about it, we sweat heavily from head to torso, and only the head is often uncovered. As a result, it is not only unhealthy for restaurant employees, but it is also important for professionals who provide at-home services such as spas, manicures, cleaning, and so on. 


  1.       Overalls: While the gloves and masks cover the wearer’s hands and mouth respectively in full, the level of personal protection still remains compromised. It is important to understand the goal of PPE – to provide protection to the wearer. However, if one’s clothes are not covered, the chances of germs and bacteria settling and breeding throughout the day multiply drastically. These can be fixed sleeve covers for the beauty and wellness professionals, whereas overalls or full-body covers are better suited for food and services sector employees. 


The vitality of PPE kits for all professionals is universally acknowledged and practiced. However, some sectors start lacking in their measures, putting their employees and the customers at a major risk of infection. Hence, all businesses must carefully evaluate their current personal protection practices and invest in quality PPE kits from Elite Medical Accessories.