Shoe covers are one of the important personal protective equipment (PPE) that prevent hazardous materials from coming in contact with the bottom of the wearer's shoes. It is mandatory for people working in a medical, clean room, chemical, or laboratory environment, etc., to wear shoe covers as a part of standard PPE protocols.

What are shoe covers?

They are disposable slip-on garments that can fit over a wide range of shoe styles and sizes. They are used to prevent harmful chemical particles from reaching the bottom of a person’s shoes. If you are planning to buy shoe covers, make sure to keep the following features in mind:

  • Are easy to put on and take off
  • Have secure but flexible elastic bands that prevent slipping
  • Have durable and breathable fabric that will not tear or snag.
  • Designed with material that meets the standards of industry workflow practices.
  • Non Slip soles to improve tracking and reduce the chances of falls.

Why do you need shoe covers?

Medical and industrial jobs- Shoe covers are commonly worn in emergency rooms, operation theaters, laboratories, cleaning rooms, etc. Moreover, anyone coming to see a patient with highly contagious bugs living in a private room is required to wear shoe covers with other personal protective equipment such as disposable gloves or masks, etc.

Private contracting jobs- Electricians, plumbers, or bug exterminators often wear shoe covers to ensure their client’s home remains clean and safe while they do their work.

Winter/Spring season challenges- When salt, snow, sludge, and water are tracked around by footwear during the winter or spring season, shoe covers are exceptionally beneficial in reducing the mess.

Public use- Nowadays, people are using shoe covers in their day-to-day lives. It is surprising to know that people are wearing them to cover their feet in a tanning bed. Some are using them to protect their shoes during inclement weather conditions.

Why does your organization need them?

Are you wondering if your workplace should use shoe covers? If so, read on the following reasons why your organization needs them:

  • Many jobs require their employees to perform activities that can expose them to stain-containing or other harmful materials. As shoe covers provide a physical barrier between these materials, a person wearing them can keep his footwear and workplace cleaner.
  • Disposable shoe covers can be simply thrown after leaving the work environment. So, they help reduce the spread of contamination and prevent workers from tracking harmful material to other surrounding areas.
  • As they prevent the spreading of hazardous material around the workplace, it is easy to maintain work environments clean and safe.
  • Team members wearing shoe covers are less likely to need time away from their daily job roles to clean or change footwear. Thereby, they can lead to improved work efficiency.

So, shoe covers are beneficial for both customers and employees to maintain clean and healthy work environments. If you wish to enjoy their benefits, buy the high-quality shoe covers from one of the best medical distribution companies nearby your place. Always keep the environment at your workspace clean and free from infections!