Maintaining social distancing in schools, colleges, and offices is a necessity in today’s world. But it is also an incredibly challenging task as these places are usually very crowded. Acrylic and Polycarbonate dividers offer a cost-effective solution for these institutions to maintain social distancing during these challenging times. They can be quickly disinfected, moved to adjust according to different spaces, and are available with customization options.


Portable acrylic and polycarbonate dividers and partitions help students, staff, and employees to stay safe due to the following reasons:

  1. Easy to use space dividers: Polycarbonate and acrylic dividers and partitions provide a simple, easy to use space division solution, especially if students or employees have to share desk space. These dividers provide privacy and safety to each student, staff member, and employee while sharing the office and classroom space.
  2. Portable: The portable school and office dividers are easy to use and move as these can be folded and don’t occupy too much space. Due to their portability, these can be easily moved to any room space to create separate spaces to work.
  3. Easy to disinfect: Acrylic and Polycarbonate dividers can be cleaned and disinfected very easily, making them desirable to use by different people.  
  4. Cost-effective solution: Acrylic and Polycarbonate dividers are affordable and cost less than fixed divider installations. 
  5. Customized dividers: Portable dividers & partitions can be easily configured to fit any space as per your requirements. You can buy customized dividers in any size, shape, or specifications as per your space requirements. 
  6. No need for professional installation: As Polycarbonate dividers for schools & offices are light-weight, and portable, they do not need any professional installation. You can start using them directly after unpacking them and adjust these to suit your requirements. 

There are many types of acrylic and polycarbonate dividers available in the market for schools, colleges, and offices. It is recommended to look over  your school or office building’s social distancing requirements to choose the right kind of partitions. Here are the various types of office and school dividers:

  • Room Dividers and partitions - These are an excellent solution for dividing large classroom or office spaces into separate areas. 
  • Desktop and Countertop dividers - These are great for creating separated spaces in big offices and classrooms for desk space sharing
  • Freestanding portable dividers and partitions - These are ideal for maintaining proper social distancing in big, shared spaces like cafeterias, halls, seminars, etc. 
  • Portable clear acrylic dividers - These are perfect for meetings or classroom teaching where visibility is required while social distancing. 

  • School and office dividers are an excellent option to create a safe environment for your students and employees. Elite Medical Accessories offers an extensive range of acrylic and polycarbonate dividers to create a healthy and safe work environment for your students, staff, and employees. We are the leading distributor of portable polycarbonate and clear acrylic school & office dividers in the United States. Our expert team can answer any queries if you are looking to buy high-quality dividers and partitions in custom sizes and shapes.