Healthcare professionals have to work in a potentially dangerous environment every day. The risk of exposure to viruses and diseases is likely more significant for medical professionals. Without the proper PPE, they are at risk of contamination. Therefore, they need high-quality PPE that includes protective disposable gloves, masks, gowns, goggles, and other protective gear for protection and providing quality care to patients. 

Whether you are working for a hospital, clinic, lab, physician’s office, or other healthcare facilities, it is important to choose the right kind of PPE kits for patient care. Especially gloves since your hands are almost always in contact with blood, bodily fluids, broken skin, and mucous membranes. When it comes to treating patients with necessary procedures, high-quality disposable gloves are essential for medical professionals. These gloves are required to keep them and their patients safe during medical procedures.  

So, if you work in the medical profession and need to buy gloves for your office, here are a few things that you must consider when choosing disposable medical gloves:

  • Tear-resistant

  • High-quality tear-resistant disposable gloves are a necessity for medical professionals. If the gloves are low-cost and made of low-quality material, there is a risk of tearing during the procedure. Depending on the nature of the procedures you need to perform, it is best to choose high-quality, tear-resistant nitrile or vinyl gloves. 

  • Anti-Allergic

  • As a medical professional, you may have to wear disposable gloves for a long time to minimize the risk of contamination. But latex gloves can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Some patients are also allergic to latex. Therefore, quality non-sterile, latex-free vinyl gloves are a preferred choice for medical use.

  • Material quality

  • Choosing superior quality latex-free nitrile gloves provides protection during medical examination and procedures and while providing care to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients. Superior quality disposable gloves also help minimize the risk of punctures, rips, and tears during medical procedures.

  • Comfort and flexibility

  • Wearing the wrong fit of gloves can cause chafing on hands when medical professionals have to use them for long periods. Elite Medical Accessories is a leading distributor of synthetic vinyl gloves that provide superior flexibility, ease of use, are more stretchable, and have a higher tensile strength designed primarily for medical professionals. 

  • Surgical use vs. examination gloves

  • Different kinds of disposable gloves are needed for the various examination and surgical procedures. Medical exam gloves don’t necessarily need to be made of the highest quality or thickest material as they are designed for quick use and disposal. But surgical gloves need to be high-quality, durable, and tear-resistant for maximum protection. Nitrile gloves are preferred for surgical use, while vinyl gloves can be used for medical examinations. Elite Medical Accessories offers high-quality disposable vinyl and nitrile gloves that are suitable for different medical environments.

    Elite Medical accessories is a leading distributor of high-quality disposable vinyl and nitrile gloves and PPE supplies. We are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective medical industry supplies like masks, gloves, and PPE products to ensure medical professionals’ safety.

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